Emperor Edition Preview – Rebuilding the Empire

Rebuilding the Empire

Event - Unique - Any player with three or fewer provinces may gain a province to the right of his rightmost province. Each player who gained a province from this has his Family Honor lowered to its starting value, and he may not declare an attack until your next turn begins. This Honor loss will not be negated.

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Hello world!

You may have noticed a mysterious absence of the L5Rchives crew at events and even online lately. You may have also noticed that the site has changes some. There are a few reasons for these things.

First, the site. We were hacked a couple of months ago and there was some malicious code posted to the site forums. No one used them so no one really noticed until the webhost shut down the site totally. We worked with them to try to get things back up and in the process they just nuked the whole site. There were a few other issues that caused us not to be able to put the site back up the way it was. Finally we just had to start over from scratch.

That is why you are seeing this bare bones site. You may be asking, “Why didn’t you back everything up?” That is a smart question. I do have an old backup… somewhere. It is on a portable hard drive which is in a box somewhere in Ragavin’s new place.

That brings us to the second thing. For the first time in the history of L5Rchives all 4 of us are employed. It happened all at once. With all of us working full time, with different schedules, it makes it difficult to plan times to work on videos. We are working on them though. In the mean time we will be posting an Emperor Edition Preview.

So come back and enjoy.

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